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Welcome to the online store of VASUDEVA VILASAM.

VASUDEVA VILASAM, is a pioneer institution in the field of Ayurveda established in 1884 in Trivandrum, Kerala.

It manufactures more than 450 ayurvedic medicines & herbal formulations and export to various countries for years.

VVMart.in is our effort to offer products online! WWW.VVMART.IN is the official online store of VASUDEVA VILASAM ARYAVAIDYASALA, which enables the customers to buy the Ayurvedic Products of VASUDEVA VILASAM ARYAVAIDYASALA online. 

The product categories include

  • Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations
  • Kashayams (Herbal Decoctions)
  • Choornams (Medicated Powders)
  • Enna, Kuzhambu (Medicated Oils)
  • Gulika, Pills (Tablets & Capsules)
  • Lehyams (Medicated Jam)
  • Ghrithams (Medicated Ghee)
  • Arishtoms (Herbal Wine)
  • Capsules
  • Health Care and Hair Care ayurvedic products.


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