Basically the approach in Ayurvedic treatment is dual. The first is based on sodhana i.e., ejection evacuation, uprooting or extirpation of the sick elements, or sicking causes. The other is through Samana i.e., pacification, rectification, improvement quenching, assuaging or alleviating the sick condition. This system is used for eradicating the root causes of major ailments and alleviating the sick condition. This system of improving upon the less virulent ailments is of course the most suitable approach in any general treatment. Before applying Sodhana Processes like vomiting, purging, sneezing, retaining medicated oils in prescribed parts of the body, the body should be well prepared, by the application of medicated oils and by a preliminary sweating system. Application of medicated oil can be external or internal: Abhyangam when it is external and Snehapanam or Vasti when it is internal. It is positively harmful to apply Sodhana methods without the preliminary preparation of the body by the application of medicated oils and effecting sweating. No purging treatment should be done without letting the body sweat under medicated oils and making it flexible. Otherwise the body will break like a twig subjected to bending; the dry twig attains some measure of flexibility when treated with oils. As a matter of fact the several sodhana processes have to be interspersed with the sweating treatment with medicated oils. For obtaining full strength, all general treatments should be finished with sweating programmes.

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